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Have You Heard How Cool Dogs’ Ears Are?

Unlike (most) human ears, your dog’s ears are a central feature of his head and face. Dog ears come in every imaginable shape and size. Some are long and floppy; others are short and erect. Some dogs’ ears are covered with hair inside and out, while others are dressed in […]

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Office Pets of Chewy.com

Chewy has been a fantastic partner for us as we have grown. They donated goodies to give out during our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip last August as well as a dog park grand opening event at Millennium Westshore Apartments where we have a photo gallery. We happened to […]

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Rover.com’s Tail of 20 Cities Campaign

Rover.com recently asked us to participate in their Tail of 20 Cities campaign. The campaign includes 19 other influential photographers from around the world. When the team at Rover.com asked me to participate in a way the best represents my city, I immediately thought of the Tampa Bay lighting NHL team. […]

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