Tampa Pet Photo Studio

Photographing Your Pets and Helping Rescue Pets Get Their Second Shot at Adoption

Give A Shot!

Directly Help Rescue Pets Get Adopted

When Your Book a Pet Photo Shoot Experience, you also fund 3 Second Shot Adoption Photo Shoots! We'll even notify you when one of them gets adopted!

Second Shot is our adoption photo program where we take new photos of shelter and rescue pets, to give them a Second Shot at adoption

15 Shelter Intake Photos vs Professional Photos
Rigby Collection 2

Custom Artwork
Designed Just For You

As part of a Pet Photoshoot Experience you receive a private Design Consultation with an AGoldPhoto Team Member.

First - we will show you a cinematic slideshow

Then, based on what we learned during your Discovery Call about your design preferences, we will take your favorites and create custom artwork for your home, your office, your vacation home, and more!

From wall art on metal to eye-catching tabletop acrylic blocks, Portrait Boxes and albums, we will help you design options that reflect your decorative style and remind you of what you love about your pets as you move about your house.

Discover and Celebrate the Impact Your Pets Make On Your Everyday Life

We know that happy, comfortable pets show off their true personality — and that nothing brings a pet parent more joy than watching their fur baby beam with happiness and wiggle with delight!

Your photo shoot is about more than just photos, it’s a celebration!

You can have your experience at our studio in South Tampa or we can bring our studio to your home.


How Do I Get Started?

A Pet Photo Shoot Experience Starts with a Discovery Call

During your Discovery Call we will get to know you and what you want to cherish about your pets.

Before your experience, we want to know what you love about them, what they mean to you, how they make you laugh, how they have wormed their way into your heart . . . every wonderful detail!

We will explain what the experience is like, either at your home or our studio, and how we get your pet to relax and show their furry and loveable personality. You can also tell us any special emotions or poses of your furry family member you would like us to capture for you to remember forever. We custimize each session to be meaningul to you!


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