How It all Began...

AGoldPhoto Pet Photography is made up of, husband and wife team, Mary and Adam Goldberg.

AGoldPhoto hosts Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers all over the country and raises awareness about pet rescue and adoption.

AGoldPhoto was born somewhat accidentally when Adam was asked by the staff at Humane Society Tampa Bay to host a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser in July 2016.

Adam had been volunteering on the weekends, to take adoption photos, after moving to Tampa. The goal of each photo shoot was to bring out the personality of each pet, to help increase their chances of adoption.

Prior to that, from 2013-2015, Adam worked for Humane Society Broward County where he taught himself photography while on the job. He knew nothing about photography before that and was originally hired to manage the shelter’s social media and website.

After 6 months of watching videos online, practicing and training volunteers, Adam got really good at taking photos  and fell in love with shelter animals.

Humane Society Tampa Bay also asked Adam to take photos for an upcoming fundraising campaign that their advertising agency came up with.

Mary worked for the shelter’s advertising agency and was the Art Director assigned to the Humane Society's account.

On the day of the photo shoot, Mary and Adam spent 5 hours together taking photos of GP, the guinea pig, and really hit it off. They left a lasting impression on each other and they have been inseparable ever since.

Adam and Mary got married on March 1, 2019 and even had their dogs walk down the aisle. It was their love of rescue animals that brought them together and now they host Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers together, all over the country.

Adam and Mary have complementary skills and they make the perfect team. When they’re not traveling the country, you can find them hiking, cooking and spending time with their two dogs, Rigby and Bee, and their cat, Sierra.

Better Adoption Photos

In 2016, Adam started taking photos of shelter pets at Humane Society of Tampa Bay to help them get adopted. You can still find Adam and Mary taking adoption photos a few times a month at the shelter.

When you book a photo shoot with us, you're directly supporting our mission of taking better adoption photos of shelter pets.