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Deaf Pup Makes Sound Therapy Dog

A Therapy Dog, not to be confused with a Service Dog, provides therapy and comfort to people other than their handlers. Service dogs are trained to perform certain tasks and ease their handlers’ disabilities. Oreo, a Therapy Dog, who we met recently in New Jersey at one of our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers, provides comfort […]

You Found a Stray Dog, Now What?

A friend of ours recently found a stray dog on her farm in Dade City, Florida. They’re not sure how he ended up there, but there’s a chance he could have been dumped. The dog was still intact (had it’s genitalia) and there was no microchip. If you do find a stray dog, here’s a […]

Have You Heard How Cool Dogs’ Ears Are?

Unlike (most) human ears, your dog’s ears are a central feature of his head and face. Dog ears come in every imaginable shape and size. Some are long and floppy; others are short and erect. Some dogs’ ears are covered with hair inside and out, while others are dressed in only a fine layer of […]