When Alex approached us about doing a Pet Photo Shoot at our Tampa studio, we were more than excited to share her story.

Alex and Brandon both work at Polk Country Fire and Rescue. They’ve dedicated their lives to helping others in a time of need. When Leo showed up to their fire station at 2 AM, Alex knew she needed to rescue him, but it was actually Leo who helped Alex. Alex says, “Leo found her at a time she really needed him and he really needed her.” 

Alex and Brandon have high stress jobs, especially during the pandemic, and Leo knows when he needs to “rescue” mom and dad with cuddles. He will put his head on his mom’s shoulder to help her unwind after a hard days work. Alex even says that Leo is the love of her life. (Sorry, Brandon.) 

Alex and Brandon showed so much love for their little Leo, emotionally and physically. Alex even got Leo tattooed on her arm! Check out these adorable photos from their AGoldPhoto Pet Photography Photo Shoot.

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