Rexy’s Fate was Uncertain, but She’s Found the Perfect Home and Loves Being the Big Spoon

A video of Rexy was posted online because she was on the verge of being euthanized due to a bad skin condition. Jessic Hauck saw the video, rushed to the shelter and committed to foster her until a suitable home was available.

Rexy and Foster Dog Stella / Jessica Hauck

“Rexy was very shy for the first couple of days, then the shyness turned to protectiveness.” Jessica told us. “It was as if she’d never had a soft bed, or enough food or affection before. She became protective of everything and anything, particularly of myself and my husband. We didn’t want her to suffer again, so we decided to keep her.”

Jessica and her husband are experienced dog owners and gave Rexy the structure she needed. Her initial hesitation and shyness to their current dogs turned into pure love. Sadly, two of the their dogs passed away due to medical issues, but Rexy was there to keep them warm during their final days.

Rexy comforting ill doggy siblings / Jessica Hauck

The Hauck family also fosters dogs. Rexy and her other pit bull, Tyson, serve as the welcoming committee. Rexy also has a thing for cuddling and you can often find her as the big spoon.

“Rexy is a prime example of how a dog that has been abused can still be an ambassador for her breed. She has been through a lot, but you wouldn’t know it from how far she has come. We simply adore her and couldn’t imagine our lives without her.” – Jessica Hauck.

Rexy and Tyson / Jessica Hauck

We met Rexy at a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Humane Society Pinellas.

Rexy’s story is also part of our Pit Bull Picture Project. We feature stories and take photos of pit bull type dogs to show off their goofy personality and increase their chances of adoption.

Rexy / AGoldPhoto Pet Photography