Adoption Photo Shoot Finds Molly a Home

Now that Mary is part of AGoldPhoto full-time, we have been able to dedicate more time to taking adoption photos. Every Monday, while we’re in town, we’ll be at Humane Society Tampa Bay taking photos to help shelter animals find new homes.

We also started using a new color to denote when a pet is adoptable. Instead of the gray backdrop we use for Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers and private clients, we are now using blue.

Molly’s Adoption Photo

At one of our recent adoption photo shoots, we met Molly. Molly appears to be a terrier mix, slightly overweight and was in need of a good groom.  The group of adoption photos we posted online got nearly 1,000 shares on Facebook.

“Last week, I was scrolling through Facebook and I noticed Molly’s picture.” Molly’s new Dog mom told us. “I immediately sent it to my sister and told her I loved her little face. I went on the Humane Society Tampa Bay’s site and read about her.  I could not get her out of my mind. The next morning I asked my boss if I could take an extended lunch to go get her. I called my sister and at 11:30 we headed out to the Humane Society.

Molly in her kennel at Humane Society Tampa Bay

When we got there it was very busy and I was so worried that Molly would already be adopted. In my head, I kept telling myself that would be good for her, but I knew my heart would be crushed.  I got to the desk and asked about Molly and the team at the desk let me know where she was. I literally ran to the kennel she was in and stopped when I saw her. I grabbed her paperwork and I sat down and said hello. She looked up at me and then looked back down sadly. I leaned in and told her not to worry, that I was going to adopt her and she was going to be a diva!  There were a few people ahead of us, but we waited and got to meet Molly outside the cage. I knew right away that she was the one for me.

We signed the adoption papers and we went back to get her. I was so excited. We put her new collar on and leashed her up. She started slowly walking towards the exit and people starting calling out her name to say goodbye and wish her well.  One volunteer began crying and thanked us for adopting her. I was so confused, as I considered myself so lucky to be bringing her home with me! We put Molly in the car and started driving her home. On the ride she turned to me with what looked like a huge grin on her face.

Molly’s Freedom Ride after being adopted

It took a few days to get her to the vet and the groomer.  The groomer and I sat together and discussed the cut she would get.  She spent 4 hours getting washed, nails clipped, and eventually her new haircut.  I like to call it Molly’s Spa Day! She enjoyed her appointment and made friends with the staff.  Anyone that has spent anytime with her walks away loving her. She is also established with my vet and received a clean bill of health!  She is a little curvaceous and we are working on that with the vet. I think she is perfect, but we want her to be healthy.”

Molly, after her groom, in her new home.