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10 Adoptable Pups from Humane Society Tampa Bay

Each week, Mary and I will be volunteering at Humane Society Tampa Bay to take adoption photos. We recently started using a different color, Blue Jean, for our backdrop. The new color with help denote when a pet is adoptable vs a client’s pet. We’ll still be using our signature gray for those. You can […]

“Before” Photos of 10 Rescued Havanese Pups

Humane Society of Tampa Bay recently rescued 10 Havanese pups from a hoarding cruelty case with the help from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. The shelter is under construction so we set up our studio in the gift shop and the shelter staff brought in one dog at at time. Each dog was matted, covered […]

What It’s Like Owning a Blind Dog

We recently met Stella at our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Humane Society Tampa Bay at Gorgeous Growlers Grooming in Wesley Chapel, Florida. When pet owners sign up for a photo shoot, we don’t ask if their dog can see or not, so it’s usually a surprise. We LOVE taking photos of blind dogs because […]

We Don’t Have Our Own Pet Photography Studio

We Bring our Pet Photography Studio to You The costs associated with a pet photography business, without a studio, may seem low, but when you factor in professional level equipment, software, travel, marketing, photo storage and covering personal expenses…the costs add up. The idea for AGoldPhoto Pet Photography was never to make money. We were […]