🎉 Update: 3/29

After seeing our posts about Betsy, a family rushed to the shelter the next day to adopt her.

She is on an adoption test drive for now to see how she fits in with their cats.

It’s going well so far we were told.

We’ll share more updates as they come in.

Betsy, a 3 year-old shelter dog at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, is being overlooked because she’s deaf. She’s been available for adoption since January 17, 2024.

Since she can’t hear, she’s not affected by the sounds of the shelter. Glen, the shelter’s Behavior and Enrichment Manager, even uses her to acclimate some of the other dogs.

She already knows basic commands and won’t bark when the trash or delivery truck drives by!

We took her Second Shot in hopes of getting her adopted. We replace the shelter’s intake photos to give them, not only a second photo, but a Second Shot at getting adopted. We run Second Shot with the help of shelter volunteers and FairyTail Petcare.

Check out Betsy’s Adoption profile and go visit her at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Betsy’s Second Shot was sponsored by Westcott.