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What It’s Like Owning a Blind Dog

We recently met Stella at our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Humane Society Tampa Bay at Gorgeous Growlers Grooming in Wesley Chapel, Florida. When pet owners sign up for a photo shoot, we don’t ask if their dog can see or not, so it’s usually a surprise. We LOVE taking photos of blind dogs because […]

Why Your Dog Is Missing Out

Booking a Photo Shoot for Your Pet is Not Weird In 2014, I started working for the Humane Society of Broward County, simply to manage the website redesign and social media. How that role lead me to become a professional pet photographer in Tampa is a much longer story, but it’s how dogs all over […]

Penny the Dumbo Rat

We met Penny at one of our San Diego Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers benefiting Helen Woodward Animal Center. Her Mom happened to be at the brewery, saw we were there and immediatly ran home to get her. Penny is a Dumbo Rat, affectionally named because of her large, low, round ears.

14 Dogs Stick Their Tongues Out for Charity

These 14 pups helped raise $490 for Friends of Strays Animal Shelter at Dog Bar St. Pete. Each dog showed off their personality by sticking out their tongue at the camera. We host similar events all over the country. Check out our list of upcoming events at agoldphoto.com/events. Beanz Benny Brody Buddy Ella Emma Heath Kaya […]

17 Pups Posed to Raise $525 for Humane Society Tampa Bay

The AGoldPhoto Pet Photography Style Our unique approach to pet photography brings out your pet’s personality. You’ll see photos with tongues out, mouthes open and (our favorite) attempts at catching treats in the air. If your pet looks away whenever you pull out your camera phone, consider booking an AGoldPhoto Pet Photo Shoot. We have […]