We recently met Stella at our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Humane Society Tampa Bay at Gorgeous Growlers Grooming in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

When pet owners sign up for a photo shoot, we don’t ask if their dog can see or not, so it’s usually a surprise. We LOVE taking photos of blind dogs because they are usually much easier to photograph. There are no visual distractions and their other senses are heightened to compensate for their lack of sight. Stella was no exception. She can smell treats a mile away and she’s very sensitive to sounds.

Stella was adopted from Canine Comfort Zone as a puppy, was blind since birth and had beautiful blue eyes. Recently, she was diagnosed with glaucoma, which is common in blind dogs. The doctor recommend that her eyes be removed, but since she couldn’t see to begin with, it didn’t change her at all.

Her family says she is always listening, even when they think she’s sleeping, her ears perk up when there is a new sound. Stella knows her way around the house and since she was blind since brith, she has no idea she’s blind.

Her hearing and sense of smell are how she adapts to her surroundings and Stella can always smell her way into the kitchen. We asked Stella’s family for advice on owning a blind dog, and here’s what they suggest…

  • Treat them like any other dog
  • Give them toys with sensory functions like a ball that makes noise or a KONG that makes them really have to think to get the treat out
  • Don’t move the furniture around
  • Give them a happy place to go to, like a crate, where they can feel secure
  • Talk to them a lot. They rely on it.

Photos of Stella Before Her Surgery

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