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Puppy Photos. Better Together or Solo?

It can be challenging to get 1 pup to look at the camera, but both you ask? Well, it happens all the time. Pup parents who have more than 1 ask about having their photos taken together. If you attend a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser, each pup does need their […]

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Is Black Dog Syndrome a Thing?

You may have heard the term, “Black Dog Syndrome”, which insinuates that black dogs are harder to adopt from shelters than dogs with lighter coats. According to the ASPCA, black dogs make up a large part of the pet population, which may lead to the perception that they stick around […]

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12 Tampa Dogs Whose Eyes Say it All

You can tell what a dog is thinking by looking into their eyes. These 12 pups recently participated in a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Humane Society Tampa Bay. The sold out event raised just over $400 for the shelter. You can sign up for my next event benefiting Humane […]

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