Meet Moose! He’s a boxer pit bull mix and he looooooves his ball. His owners are friends of ours and they are hosting us during our trip to Colorado. To thank them for their hospitality, we surprised them to an outdoor photo shoot.

Moose is 7 years old and is a big brother to a human sister named Mable. Once you start playing with him, he’ll continue to drop his ball and other toys by your feet until you throw it again. He’s also already beat me in multiple staring contests.

Once the weather cools down in Florida, we’ll be doing more outdoor photo shoots like these. I just love the blurred out greenery in the background and how Moose is in focus in the foreground. We also posted a Live Video on Facebook during his shoot, which you can see below the photos.

Also, since Moose it part Pit Bull, these photos are part of the Pit Bull Picture Project.