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Bring Your Dog to Asheville

It was happenstance that I picked Asheville to road trip to, but I’m glad I did. In addition to the Aloft Downtown Asheville foster dog story I posted, I thought I would share some highlights from my trip. I took thousands of photos, but here are just a few of the abridged stories (haha get […]

How Love Struck with Bolt

Bolt may look and act like a puppy, but he is the ripe old age of 2. No but seriously, If I didn’t know any better, I would have sworn Bolt was less than a year old. He was rescued from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay by Melissa and Bruce. They were avid watchers […]

How Koko Beat the Odds with Love

Koko’s story is unique because she wasn’t rescued in the traditional sense, but she was definitely saved. She’s a Lab/German Short Haired Pointer mix who has been through a lot. Her parents, Ben and Lisa own Modern Paws, a local pet boutique in Tampa. We have become friendly and I ran into them at the Washington St. […]

The Art of Rescuing Dogs

Local Tampa Artist, Meaghan Scalise and her Husband Shawn rescued both of their dogs from rescue groups in the area. Marley was adopted at PetsMart via St. Francis Society Rescue. Ruca was adopted from Almost Home Dog Rescue. Meghan is the artist who painted the mural you see in the photos. Her studio is across […]

How Marvin Adopted His Family

Loren and her husband visited Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in hopes of adopting a dog. They arrived a few minutes before the shelter was closing and on their way to the dogs section, walked passed the cat room. They noticed an orange tabby that followed them around the corner. They got to the […]