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What to Do if the Animal Shelter is Full

Bandito’s story isn’t atypical unfortunately, but it’s an opportunity for us to share what to do if an animal shelter is full. Bandito was abandoned outside of a Tampa area Veterinarian’s office in a large cardboard box with holes punched in it and wrapped in duct tape. Written in marker, the makeshift cat carrier said […]

Fostering Saves Lives

Humane Society of Tampa Bay asked for help promoting their foster program and invited me to take some photos of a kitten currently in a foster home. You can help weigh in on which photo they should use on our Facebook page. You can help weigh in on which photo they should use on our […]

8 Before and After Photos of Shelter Cats

I’m getting very excited for my first Photo Shoot Fundraiser for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay next week. To get prepared, I went down to the shelter and took photos of their adoptable animals. I focused on cats that have been at the shelter a while. I’m hoping that an AGoldPhoto will give them […]

How Marvin Adopted His Family

Loren and her husband visited Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in hopes of adopting a dog. They arrived a few minutes before the shelter was closing and on their way to the dogs section, walked passed the cat room. They noticed an orange tabby that followed them around the corner. They got to the […]

How Nikki Got Her Second Chance

Nikki was being shuttled from shelter to shelter because no one wanted her. Rebels Rescue, who does adoption out of a Tampa PetsMart, took her in because they knew they could help her find the home that she needed. Loren and her Husband, already had a cat named Marvin, who they loved dearly. They decided […]