If It’s Blue, This Cat Could be for You!

These 9 felines are available for adoption from Friends of Strays Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We are known for photos of pets with our signature gray backdrop, but to make it clear when a pet we have photographed is adoptable, we now use a blue backdrop instead. Special thanks to Savage Universal for donating the backdrop for us to use for our adoption photos.

Friends of Strays provides care to over 1000 animals each year. Some of the abandoned animals that enter their doors are sick, injured, or traumatized. Each animal receives the care that is necessary to make them feel safe and loved. Their trained staff gives each animal medical attention upon intake. It costs Friends of Strays an average of $150 to care for each animal including a Veterinarian exam, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, county license and daily care until they are placed into a new home.

Scroll to see our favorite photo of each cat and some behind the scenes photos and video too. If you have cats of your own that you would like photographed, we also offer Private Pet Photo Shoots.










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Behind the Scenes

Animal shelters don’t always have extra spaces, so we set up our studio inside the shelter manager’s office. We pushed the desk out of the way and made it work with the space we had.  We also used lots of catnip and cat treats too!

Behind the Scenes Video

Get Photo Like This of Your Cat

If you have cats of your own that you would like photographed, we offer Private Pet Photo Shoots.