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Oli’s Splish Splash Pet Photo Shoot

Our favorite subject to photograph lately are dogs, just being dogs. We met Oli at the Davis Island Dog Beach in Tampa and captured him frolicking back and forth between Mary and his owner. When I was a kid, I used to imagine I was a dog, without a care in the world. I totally […]

Sadie’s Dog Focused Engagement Photo Shoot

As pet photographers, we like the focus of our photos to be just the pets. When asked if we photograph people and pets together, we say, “yes, but…” Yes, but we want the pet to be the main focus of the photos. Sadie made modeling look easy. All we had to do was use her favorite […]

How Koko Beat the Odds with Love

Koko’s story is unique because she wasn’t rescued in the traditional sense, but she was definitely saved. She’s a Lab/German Short Haired Pointer mix who has been through a lot. Her parents, Ben and Lisa own Modern Paws, a local pet boutique in Tampa. We have become friendly and I ran into them at the Washington St. […]