Back in 2019, when we were traveling the country and hosting Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers, we met Ace. This was also when were leaning heavily on taking photos of dogs giving side eye.

We placed the dog, facing someone off camera, with a treat and then I would make a loud distracting noise and that would get their attention, just briefly enough to get a side eye expression. We even made a Side Eye calendar in 2021.

The team at Avanti Press saw our photo of Ace and asked if they could license the it for a greeting card concept they were working on.

It took a few months, but we finally have the concept!

You can see the original photo taken of Ace in 2019 and the Avanti Press Greeting Card below.

You’ll be able to see these for sale at places like the UPS store, Paper Source, Total Wine and hospital gift shops!

The verse inside this card will be “Attitude is everything! Happy Birthday”