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We’re No Longer Using Breed Labels

Study Suggests Looking Beyond the Breed When Adopting a Dog A recent University of Florida study showed that identifying dog breeds is harder than it looks. The study argues that breed labels in shelters are likely wrong anyway. When it comes to animal sheltering, identifying what breed a dog is, is often a guess and […]

Rescued Pitbull Helps Parents Tie The Knot

Dillon the Pit Bull Helps Make the Perfect Wedding Day This story is part of our Pit Bull Picture Project. The goal of the project is to tell stories about Pit Bulls to show their goofy and lovable side to help increase adoptions. We met the Kemp family back in 2017 during our first trip […]

10 Adoptable Pups from Humane Society Tampa Bay

We love taking adoption photos!  The goal of the photo shoot is to make each dog feel comfortable so that their personality can shine through. Our hope is that their new photo will attract extra attention to help them find their forever home. The pups are available for adoption from Humane Society Tampa Bay. Georgia […]

Rescued Pit Bull is Addicted to Cuddling

Rexy’s Fate was Uncertain, but She’s Found the Perfect Home and Loves Being the Big Spoon A video of Rexy was posted online because she was on the verge of being euthanized due to a bad skin condition. Jessic Hauck saw the video, rushed to the shelter and committed to foster her until a suitable […]