My journey into pet photography started in 2013 when I worked for the Humane Society of Broward County. It was there where I taught myself how to take photos of pets.

I fell in love with capturing their personalities, but also fell in love with sharing what I captured on social media to help them get adopted!

In 2015, I left the shelter and moved to Tampa to take a corporate marketing job. I missed taking photos of shelter animals so I started volunteering at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay on the weekends.

Fast forward to today and I still volunteer once a month at the shelter, but I wanted to go more. I would love to spend all of my time taking adoption photos, but as a small business, we couldn’t afford to do that until now.

We had the idea to seek sponsorships from businesses and companies to help us fund our time at the shelter. It’s not only a win for us and a win for the companies sponsoring us, but it’s of course a win for the shelter too.

Our short term goal is to have enough sponsors to be at the shelter once a week and our long term goal would be to have sponsorships that allow us to be there all the time.

Our first two sponsors are Elite Rewards and ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay.

We also partner with our friends at FairyTail Pet Care who assist us during the photo shoots. I would also like to thank Laurie and Al who help us retrieve the pets from their kennels. We couldn’t do what we do without them either.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

If your business or company would like to sponsor our adoption photos, please email me at [email protected].

Individuals can also sponsor us for as little as $5/month on our Patreon Page.

Some of Our Adoption Photos