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A Surprising Twist to an Already Amazing Story

The above picture is a picture of Sarah with Ruthie.  Her name was Lady back then.  I couldn’t believe it How many times can you say that an email made you shed a tear? Well, that happened to me this morning. Last week I shared photos of Ruthie, her adoption story and her journey down to […]

Penny Shows Us Black Dog Syndrome is Not a Thing

Who says black dogs don’t photograph well? A purported myth says black animals aren’t adopted as readily as their non-black counterparts. This myth is further expanded on because the consensus is that black animals are hard to photograph. Well…Penny is a prime example of that being untrue, especially when you tempt her with treats, peanut butter […]

Ruthie, Perra Muy Linda de Puerto Rico

Tampa’s newest model for AGoldPhoto Pet Photography is a transplant from Puerto Rico. Ruthie, a three year-old whippet-lab mix, and her dad Steven, stopped by the studio for their peanut butter tasting, ummmm, I mean photo shoot. I think I may have underestimated what dogs will do for peanut butter. What I do know is that […]

Vered, The Pitbull Ambassador of Ybor City

Vered, a beautiful Pit Bull mix, was such a sweetheart during her photo shoot. Her dad brings her everywhere dogs are allowed and Vered serves as an ambassador for her breed. She shows her community that Pit Bulls shouldn’t have the bad reputation they receive from the local news and dog fighting rings. She’s very well trained and […]