Helping Shelter Pets Find Homes with More “Exposure”

We brought our pet photo studio back to Humane Society of Tampa Bay to update adoption photos for a handful of doggos looking for forever homes.

We also wanted to celebrate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Making it to the Super Bowl, so we swapped our blue backdrop for red.

We have our own Pet Photo Studio in South Tampa and pet owners can support our adoption photo days by booking a Pet Photo Shoot Experience for their pets.

You can see these doggos and other pets available at Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s Website.

Lastly, follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes content from our pet photo shoots.

Book a Pet Photo Shoot Experience for YOUR Pets

$75 from each Pet Photo Shoot Experience is donated back to Humane Society Tampa Bay. You also support our ongoing mission of helping rescue pets find homes with better adoption photos.

Special Thanks to our friends at FairyTail Pet Care for helping coordinate our adoption photo shoots. FairyTailPet Care specializes in helping couples include their pets in thier wedding.