Time and Patience Leads to Better Adoption Photos

When a shelter dog arrives at Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s intake area, a quick photo is taken for their profile.

They are usually scared, nervous and unsure of where they are. Due to the volume of animals the shelter receives, getting a high quality photo during intake can be challenging.

We recently started bringing our pet photo studio gear to the shelter so we can capture portraits of them that show off their personality. We also give them as much time as they need, so there’s no rush when it comes to getting a quality photo.

We photographed these doggos on a Thursday and they were all adopted or went to a foster home the next day. Capturing a shelter animal after they have had time to settle down and relax usually yields in a better expression.

Back in 2016, Adam started volunteering at the shelter on the weekends to take adoption photos and that has helped us grow into the company you see today.

If you’re new here, we have our own Pet Photo Studio in South Tampa. Private clients can schedule a Pet Photo Shoot Experience for them and their pets. We help pet owners create custom Artwork with them, their pets and their home in mind. We like to call it Fine Art of Your Furry Family.

When you book a Pet Photo Shoot Experience for YOUR pets, you also support our adoption photo shoots too. We also donate $75 from each booking back to Humane Society Tampa Bay.

Book a Pet Photo Shoot Experience for YOUR Pets

$75 from each Pet Photo Shoot Experience is donated back to Humane Society Tampa Bay. You also support our ongoing mission of helping rescue pets find homes with better adoption photos.

Special Thanks to our friends at FairyTail Pet Care for helping coordinate our adoption photo shoots. FairyTailPet Care specializes in helping couples include their pets in thier wedding.