“He’s learning all kinds of commands and thinks he’s a lap dog.”

We met Topper (Poncho at the Shelter) when he came to our Tampa Pet Photo Studio for his adoption photos.

Topper’s Adoption Photo taken on 11/18/20

Topper had been at the shelter for just under a month, but was adopted four days after his photo shoot by his forever family.

Our passion is helping shelter pets find forever homes with new portraits that show off their personality to increase their chances of adoption. In Topper’s case…it worked!

We checked in with Topper’s family to see how he was doing and to get a few updated photos. Here is what his new family shared.

“Poncho who is now named Topper is settling in very well. He loves his kiddos. He loves car rides with his head out the window and walks. But not too long of walks right now because he’s doing his heartworm treatment.

Topper enjoying his time on the couch with his kiddos

He’s learning all kinds of commands and thinks he’s a lap dog. He’s developing manners and learning that our cats are friends. We recently found out that he hates fireworks, that was fun.

Topper enjoying a car ride with his head out of the car window

We can’t wait for his treatment to be over so we can go exploring and see what he thinks of the Beach. I’ve attached some pictures of him and his kiddos. He has the sweetest personality and hardly ever barks. Thanks for checking up on him. “

Topper’s body position means he feels safe and not threatened

We’re excited to bring you even more stories like Topper’s from our adoption photo shoots with Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Thanks to our friends at FairyTail Pet Care who help us coordinate our adoption photo shoots.

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