Posing two pets for a photo shoot has its challenges, but posing a dog and a cat together and having them sit still long enough? Now that’s an even bigger challenge.

Dude and Ace came to our studio for their Pet Photo Shoot Experience at our Tampa Pet Photo studio.

Ace is a kitten and really loved exploring our studio. As soon as we let him out of his carrier, he started sniffing and roaming around like he owned the place.

We initially set up a platform for Ace to sit on for his photo session, but he wasn’t comfortable being elevated off the ground. He leaped off the platform with gusto and crashed into the backdrop paper, making a VERY loud combination of sounds that would startle even the most confident of pets.

After making sure Ace was okay, we let him be for a bit and started with Dude’s photos instead. We never want to force a pet to have their photo. taken.

Dude was a dream to photograph. He knows all his commands, is super sweet and has incredible expressions.

Towards the end of Dude’s session, we increased the anti of our treats and gave him some string cheese as a reward for being such a fantastic model.

As soon as the cheese smell permeated into the air, Ace, who hadn’t made an appearance since his epic gymnastics move off the raised platform, comes slowly prowling from behind the backdrop and immediately sits next to Dude to get in on the string cheese action.

You can see Ace’s tongue sticking out in most of their photos because he’s salivating over the cheese.

When cats come to the studio with their doggy siblings, they usually steal the show with their winning personality and unbridled curiosity.

What we thought may have been an impossible photo shoot, turned into epic photos of Dude and Ace posing together and all we had to say was say… Cheeeeeeese!

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Behind the scenes with Dude and Ace enjoying cheese together

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