Vered, a beautiful Pit Bull mix, was such a sweetheart during her photo shoot. Her dad brings her everywhere dogs are allowed and Vered serves as an ambassador for her breed. She shows her community that Pit Bulls shouldn’t have the bad reputation they receive from the local news and dog fighting rings.

She’s very well trained and knows sit, sit pretty, lay down and will even shake paws when you say “Shabbat Shalom”.

Did you know?

  • Pit Bulls are not inherently viscous
  • Pit Bulls are not bred for fighting
  • Pit Bulls don’t have locking jaws
  • Pit Bulls are good with kids
  • Pit Bulls are safe around other dogs
  • Pit Bulls don’t eventually turn on their owners

Source Huffington Post

Her dad carries treats with him so other people can feed her and see how gentle and loving she is.

Vered was rescued from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and was diagnosed with Heartworm, a very treatable condition. She’s in the process of being crate trained and currently resides in Ybor City (a community in Tampa Bay, FL) with her Dad Dani.












When considering your next dog, adopt a Pit Bull from a local rescue group or shelter. You’ll be sure to find a dog as sweet as Vared.

I used to work for the Humane Society of Broward County and managed their photography program. I’ve since left that role and moved to Tampa. My mission is to promote adoption and other animal welfare related causes through photography.

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