Is having two dogs better than one?

We recently met Buzz and Chewy during their Pets and People Photo Shoot in Tampa and it got us pondering…Is having two dogs better than having one?

“We can’t imagine life with just 1 dog. Buzz and Chewy love each other immensely. They love to play, cuddle and they keep each other company and exercised too.” Vicky Trueba told us, when referring to her two dogs, Buzz and Chewy.

There are plenty of personal benefits to having multiple dogs, but if you adopt two dogs, you’re also saving two lives.

We also asked for reasons in our First to Know Facebook Group as to why having multiple pets may be better than only having one.

– Yes because they keep each other company and always have a playmate – Lauren L.

– Dog ownership is like a box of chocolates… you need them all ?
(We have 4 & it’s amazing) – Cassiope A.

– Yes…I was a no until I got my 1st foster & realized my only child did enjoy company ??- Samantha C.

–  I do think it’s better to have multiple dogs (especially rescued dogs) because dogs are pack animals and having more pack members means more unconditional love – Christy L.