Dillon the Pit Bull Helps Make the Perfect Wedding Day

This story is part of our Pit Bull Picture Project. The goal of the project is to tell stories about Pit Bulls to show their goofy and lovable side to help increase adoptions.

We met the Kemp family back in 2017 during our first trip to DC to host a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Humane Rescue Alliance. We photographed their previous dog Cassius, who has since passed away.

When we went back to DC this year, The Kemps brought their new dog, Dillon, to our Pet Shoot Fundraiser. Little did we know, but their wedding was a few days later and Dillon was going to be part of the ceremony.

Dillon was rescued by Humane Rescue Alliance as well. He was originally found as a stray. Another family adopted him first, but returned him 3 weeks later. Their loss is the Kemp’s gain!

We asked the Kemps what it was like having Dillon in their wedding. which was all too familiar because Mary and I got married on March 1st and included our dogs too.

Dillon walking down the Isle | Photo Credit \ DCPG Photography

“The most stressful thing about preparing for the wedding was the logistics of getting Dillon to and from the wedding and what to do with him after he was brought home since we would be staying at a hotel.” Chad, Dillon’s Dog Dad, told us.

“My advice to other couples is that usually there are other friends or family members that truly love your dog. They know it is your day and most people are willing to help out so that you have one less thing to worry about on your day. Our issue is that we were afraid to ask.”

Dillon during the vows | Photo Credit \ DCPG Photography

The Kemps ended up asking for help from a neighbor, but not all couples are that lucky. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but couples who want to include their dog in their wedding have the added stress of figuring out what to do with their dog(s) on the day of too.

Dillon and the Kemps at their wedding | Photo Credit \ DCPG Photography

“Everyone you trust with your pet is part of your wedding day & you want them to be present & stress free as well.  It can certainly be a little uncomfortable to ask a friend or neighbor to watch your pet who you didn’t invite to your wedding.” Kelly and Ilana with FairyTail Pet Care told us.

“Our background in hospitality and events play a key role in making sure everything runs seamlessly. We communicate and coordinate with the necessary vendors and remain flexible as we know wedding timelines are ever changing, even on the day of!

If you’re considering having your pet in your wedding, consider hiring a company like FairyTail Pet Care. They even helped us with our engagement photos and having the dogs included too.

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