Daisy was originally rescued after she was found limping the streets by herself by a kind stranger. She had a puncture wound and a soft tissue injury, but it’s unclear how she got it.

Daisy the day she was adopted from the Humane Society courtesy Jodi Vizzi

She was taken to the Humane Society so her owner could claim her. After a few days, no one claimed her and that kind stranger decided to adopt her.

Daisy from her AGoldPhoto Pet Photo Shoot

That kind stranger also happens to work at Sullivan Elementary School in Tampa, Florida which is the partnership school to Metropolitan Ministries. 60% of the school’s population live in the shelter and they are not allowed to have pets of their own.

Photo of Daisy from AGoldPhoto Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser

Daisy interacts with the kids and teaches them how to treat animals with compassion. Daisy’s Mom is the school librarian and when students come to check out a book or come to the lab, they can read to her. She also sees the students at dismissal and gets hugs and kisses.

Daisy with her Canine Good Citizen Certificate courtesy Jodi Vizzi

“Daisy makes everyone happy.” Daisy’s Mom told us. “If one of the kids is having a bad day, petting Daisy and getting a kiss from her makes things better. The teachers come to see her for love and pets as well”.

Photo of Daisy from AGoldPhoto Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser

We met Daisy originally at a recent Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Humane Society Tampa.