Pet owners love their pets and I have found that it’s hard for them to choose just 5 photos after a photo shoot. In 2017, my plan was to charge $100 for pets that participated in Photo Shoot Fundraisers and include 5 edited digital photos and charge $15 for additional photos over the 5.

I’d like to get your opinion on a different pricing model for pet photo shoots. I’d like to charge a $35 sitting fee all of which would go to the shelter or charity I am working with. An event usually has 24-30 spots and if it sells out, would raise $840-$1050 for the shelter.

The $35 sitting fee would not include any photos however and the pet owner would get to select as many photos for me to edit as they like for $15 each (minimum of 3 photos per shoot must be ordered). If someone would like 10 or more photos, each edited digital photo would be $12.

My question is

What pricing model do you prefer?

Pricing Model A:

  • $100 pet photo shoot
  • $50 is donated back to the shelter
  • 5 digital photos are included
  • Additional edited photos can be purchased for $15

Pricing Model B:

  • $35 pet photo shoot fee
  • $35 is donated back to the shelter
  • There is a minimum order of 3 photos
  • No digital edited photos are included but each one can be purchased for $15
  • 10 or more digital edited photos would only be $12 each

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