Gus (10), Lucy (9 months), Jen and John are participating in the next volume of our Fundraising Coffee Table Book, Tails of Gratitude, which benefits the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Jen, a teacher, loves the time she gets to spend on the couch cuddling with her family, although she wishes she could do it more. When Jen is not lesson planning or grading papers, Gus will paw at her leg so he can curl up behind her leg as she sits on the floor.

Lucy also wants to be touching you all the time too, which is similar to Gus! John loves to play “I’m going to get you” with Lucy and he gets really into it too!

If you’re interested in having a Luxury Pet Photo Shoot Experience of your own like Jen and John did, you can request a 30-Minute Discovery Call with us to get started.