Meet Cookie and Cupcake, 10-year-old Dachshunds, who have been with their family Chris and Lindsay, since they were puppies. The family of four moved to Tampa from Austin in 2020, but Cookie and Cupcake made the transition much easier to adjust to. 

It was important for Lindsay and Chris to have a photoshoot with Cookie and Cupcake now that they’re in double digits and before anything happens to them. 

Whenever Lindsay has downtime from the Tampa restaurant she manages and her hectic schedule, you can catch them giving all their love and attention to Cookie and Cupcake. Especially belly scratches for Cupcake. 

Lindsay cannot wait to get home after work so she can see her most loyal companions. Even though Cupcake is more loving towards Lindsay and Cookie is more loving towards Chris, they all equally get the same amount of love and attention. 

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Lindsay and Chris loved their pictures of Cookie and Cupcake! They chose The JEFFREY Collection to remind them of how happy their love and attention make them every day.