When Halo wanted to rebrand and add new product lines, they engaged AGoldPhoto Pet Photography to help create imagery for their brand new package design.

Photographing for pet food packaging requires very specific positions and poses from the pet models. Expert animal handling skills and patience were used to achieve the desired shots. The photo shoot lasted 3 days and we photographed over 30 pets and people at our Tampa pet photo studio.

In addition to providing photography, we also conducted the human and pet model casting to properly vet the animals for the client’s specifications and we received over 500 submissions for this model call. We also had a professional groomer on set to make sure the pet models were camera ready.

Representatives from both Halo, and their creative agency, Little Big Brands, traveled to our Tampa studio to provide in-person creative direction.

Pet Food Packaging Samples

Below are just a few samples that feature our photography. You can now find Halo Elevate at Petco and Pet Supplies Plus.

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