Each month, we host Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers all over the country that benefit animal welfare charities. Dogs come to have their photo taken against our signature gray backdrop and pose for a 10-minute pet photo shoot. Sorry, no humans allowed!

We’re able to capture some amazing faces with the help of our extremely fast camera and professional lighting.

These are the award winners from events in December 2018 and January 2019 for the best “Fundraiser Faces”.

Think your dog can dethrone the current award winner?

Sign up your pup for one of our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers and help us continue to raise funds for animal charities all over the country.

Best Treat Catching Face: Hobbes

Best Tongue: Murphy

Most Distinguished: Riley

Cutest Puppy: Princeton

Best RBF: Berkeley

Best Outtake: Mollie

Best Head Tilt: Scout

Best Smile: Bentley

Best Ears: Bentley

Best Eyes: Marley

Most Smug: Petunia