Local Tampa Artist, Meaghan Scalise and her Husband Shawn rescued both of their dogs from rescue groups in the area. Marley was adopted at PetsMart via St. Francis Society Rescue. Ruca was adopted from Almost Home Dog Rescue.

Meghan is the artist who painted the mural you see in the photos. Her studio is across the street from me and I saw her painting it. I knew it would make for a cool backdrop.

Meaghan and Shawn have always been dog people, ever since they have been together. When one of their dogs passed away, they knew that they had to rescue another and that adoption was the only option. This style of shoot is different than my typical studio setting, but I enjoy this type just as much. You’ll see a few that show the human and animal bond and that’s what makes having pets so wonderful.

Marley and Ruca know their humans so well that they react differently depending on what they are wearing. If they put on business clothes, the dogs give them dirty looks. If they put on casual clothes, they get very excited and want to play. So smart! Rigby hasn’t mastered that skill yet, but mainly because I pretty much wear the same outfit all the time.

Both dogs are great at catching treats and their favorite ball, which I was able to capture a few photos of.

This shoot is different

This type of shoot is different than what you may have seen already, but I knew I wanted to incorporate Meaghan’s mural in the photos of her dogs. It worked out really well!

I also chose dawn because I knew the the sun would be ideal in the background coming through the trees. In the comments section, below the photos, let me know which type of shoot you like better, studio or lifestyle.

If you’re interested in booking a photo shoot for you and/or your pets, you can schedule one here.

If you would like to learn more about Meghan and the type of art she does, you can check her out at at her Tada Studios Website.

Photos of Ruca and Marley