Big Enough for Multiple Great Danes, Families and Plenty of Chihuahuas

Tampa’s AGoldPhoto Pet Photography was born back in 2016. Adam spent his weekends volunteering at Humane Society of Tampa Bay, taking adoption photos of shelter pets.

Shelter pets in need of new homes posed for photos inside a very small, mobile photo studio, which was setup in corner of the shelter’s multi-purpose room.

The shelter loved Adam’s photos so much that they asked him to host a fundraiser where pets from the community could have their photos taken and raise money for the shelter.

The sessions were for just the pets and only one dog at a time.

The studio is large enough to accommodate people and multiple pets

After a few months, Adam’s pet photography began taking him all over the country. He began working with shelters and rescues to raise money with Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers.

The fundraising events were mostly held at breweries, where owners could sign up their dogs for a 10 minute photo shoot, grab a beer and mingle with other dog owners.

Sydney and Daisy receiving love from their Dog Mom

The same mobile pet photo studio would be setup in a corner at a brewery and pets were treated to peanut butter, treats and once the 10 minutes were up, it was another dog’s turn. It wasn’t an ideal setup for cats or other types of pets. Dogs in attendance needed to get along well with other dogs and settle down quickly to make the most of their quick photo shoot.

Harley and Lennox posed laying down for photos together, now possible with the studio

After 3.5 years of traveling around the country, COVID 19 hit and put all of Adam’s travel pet photography on hold. Breweries were closed and it wasn’t safe to go into people’s homes, which AGoldPhoto also offered.

Fast forward to July 2020, the perfect location became available and AGoldPhoto opened its own Brick and Mortar Pet Photo Studio in South Tampa.

A physical studio has allowed AGoldPhoto to offer an elevated experience compared to the brewery events. Pet owners are now welcome to be in the photos with their pets and cats are invited too!

The studio also welcomes shelter pets from Humane Society of Tampa every week to get updated adoption photos.

Magnolia’s Adoption Photo Shoot

As part of the pet photo studio booking process, owners are now asked detailed questions about their pets to learn about their unique personality, their bond and what they would love to capture.

Pet Owners can now choose a White or Gray Backdrop

There is no longer a time limit, which is ideal for pets who take longer to settle down after a car ride. There also won’t be other pets around to cause distractions.

Instead of waiting for a brewery event, pet owners can now book when it’s convenient for them

Lastly, instead of providing a digital gallery of photos for pet owners to choose from, they are invited back to the studio, on the same day, for the big reveal.

The CHEVY Collection, a sample Wall Art Collection

Pet owners get to choose from items like Wall Art, Albums and Print Packages to memorialize their furry family members.

Interested in a booking a Pet Photo Shoot Experience for your pets, please get in touch.

Appointments are typically booked a month out due to limited availability.

A Pet Photo Studio large enough for multiple Great Danes and even more Chihuahuas