While on our trip to Colorado, we met Wallace, who is adoptable from Underdogs Animal Rescue of Colorado. We offered free photo shoots for pit bulls as part of our Pit Bull Picture Project, a few months back and they book a spot for a pup to be named later. Enter Wallace!

You can learn all about Wallace below. It’s nothing short of awesome!

– – –

Sup Bro! M’name’s Wallace. Lucky you caught me here, just finished chest day. Lasted the past 3 weeks. Though I’ve always considered myself a bit of an overdog, I was pumped to be pulled from the gym-lacking shelter by Underdogs. Didn’t even have crossfit there. The jailbreak added some pep to my step and I’ve been grinning ear to ear ever since. I like older kids just fine but was piggy-backed once by a young one and wasn’t really digging it. They tell me I am full staffie…and here I thought I was nothing but beefcake. I train all the time, which gives me perfect scores in the house and crate category. Need a tow? I got you. I could pull a dump truck out of a swamp so make sure your biceps are warmed up for our walks. I’ll give you nice toned guns by summer. I’ve got foster siblings of all sizes so I love a good party. Come hang with me- I’ll show you sit, high five, and full body cuddle like you’ve never had it. Will you be the “Hey Girl” or my Marco Brolo that can spot me through life?

Also, my full name is Wallace Stegner, after one of the all-time greatest American novelists. I know I appear the antithesis of a learned Underdog, but mutts are many layered, okay? I love bench pressing and books. It’s just who I am. They called the writer Wallace, the Dean of the West, so if you want to refer to me as Dean Wallace or Wallace of the West, that’s cool too.

If you’re interested in adopting Wallace, please fill out an adoption application here: https://underdogsrescue.org/adopt-form/

Wallace is a two year-old Staffordshire Terrier. Our Underdogs adult dog adoption fee is $300.

Underdogs is a small volunteer-based animal rescue, and we unfortunately do not have the resources to respond to phone and email inquires about our adoptable animals at this time. If you’re interested in learning more or setting up a meeting with one of our animals, please complete an adoption application first. Thank you!