Two monkeys took a road trip and ended up in Tampa for an AGoldPhoto Pet Photography Experience. Milo and Lucy may not actually be primates but according to their dad, “Monkey 1” and “Monkey 2” are well-deserved nicknames the dynamic duo have earned.

The Orlando’s drove all the way from Naples, Florida to our Tampa Pet Photo Studio to let AGoldPhoto capture the relationship between Milo, Lucy, and Mom (Jessica) and Dad (Steve).

Upon meeting Milo and Lucy, it was clear that Dad’s Two Monkeys are also partners-in-crime. Milo’s sweet soul and Lucy’s playful personality stole the show, making everyone in the studio laugh out loud as they ran around playing, exploring and loving on Jessica and Steve. 

The custom dog cake was purchased from Sweet Dog Tampa

Check out the portraits from this pair’s AGoldPhoto Pet Photo Shoot Experience below:

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