Tampa pet photographers, Mary and Adam Goldberg, were traveling across the country in March, when they decided to cancel a series of west coast Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers due to the initial onset of COVID-19.

As the pandemic progressed and worsened, the couple needed to cancel more and more pet photo shoot fundraising events. The events were hosted at local bars and breweries and with state lockdowns, the events had to be canceled. The cancelations were a huge cause for concern because their events were tied to the majority of their revenue. Luckily, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) gave the company some breathing room.

Adam, Mary, Rigby and Bee during their 2019 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip.

What happened next would change the course of their pet photography business forever, but first, a little history on how AGoldPhoto Pet Photography came to be.

AGoldPhoto Pet Photography was born when Adam started volunteering at Humane Society of Tampa Bay in 2016, only to take photos for shelter pets needing adoption. Adam’s photos are aimed at bringing out each adoptable pet’s personality, to increase their chances of adoption and bring extra attention to them on social media.

Before and After Adoption Photo, taken at Humane Society Tampa Bay.
Before and After Adoption Photo, taken at Humane Society Tampa Bay.
Before and After Adoption Photo, taken at Humane Society Tampa Bay.

Staff at the shelter loved Adam’s photos and asked him to host a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser. The fundraising events became very popular with pet owners and were mainly hosted at bars and breweries. The events have raised just under $200,000 for over 60+ animal charities, all over the US.

Behind the scenes at J. Wakefield Brewing, during a Pet Shoot Fundraiser, benefiting Humane Society of Greater Miami..

Brainstorming, research and planning lead to what will soon be the future, of not only their business, but their livelihoods as well. Adam and Mary got married on March 1, 2019 and that’s when the couple decided to both work on the business full-time.

Photo Credit: Ashley Izquierdo

COVID-19 made traveling and hosting events impossible for March, April, May, June and July. The forced time off gave the Goldbergs time to reevaluate their business model and realized they could no longer be beholden to 3rd party venues, like bars and breweries, to host them.

Instead of traveling the country and hosting events, they will open their own pet photo studio and be in control of their own destiny. The plan is to be open for business by August 1st, after their space undergoes minor construction.

Inside the space, soon to be operating as AGoldPhoto Pet Photography’s studio

“Mary and I were getting worried that COVID-19 was going to destroy our business,” said Adam Goldberg. “After lots of evaluation, we determined that we had to open our own pet photo studio to have any chance of surviving.”

“Having our own pet photo studio, especially with the Florida heat, humidity and unpredictable weather will allow us to offer pet photo shoots all year round now, as well” said Mary Goldberg, who’s official title is Chief Snuggler.

The space will have a packaging room for client art work as well as a back office

The pet photo studio will provide pet owners with a unique full-service experience. The photo shoot itself is only half of the process. After the photo shoot, pet owners will be amazed with a cinematic slideshow of their pet’s photos displayed via projector, instead of simply sending an online gallery. Once favorite photographs are chosen, a design consultant will assist pet owners in designing beautiful art work that depicts everything pet owners love about their pet, to display forever.

Interested pet owners, can already request an initial phone consultation, to schedule a pet photo shoot at AGoldPhoto’s new studio, when it opens.

Mary removing tile in what will become the Design Consultation area

AGoldPhoto Pet Photography will also offer free pet photo shoots to rescues and shelter pets who are in need of finding homes. AGoldPhoto Pet Photography also offers Pets and People Photo Shoots as well as on-location pet photo shoots as well.

AGoldPhoto Pet Photography is located in the Shiraz Oriental Rugs building in South Tampa.

Large windows face the parking lot, which will allow for the display of photos and any current promotions
The exterior of the Shiraz Oriental Rugs Building where AGoldPhoto’s studio is located
Adam and Mary reflecting on their new store front and what the future holds.

Media and Pet Photo Shoot Inquiries: Please email Adam and Mary at [email protected].