Is that dog a Service Dog, Therapy Dog or an Emotional Support Dog?

A video went viral recently of a Service Dog who gave birth to a litter of puppies at Tampa International Airport. The video was posted from a local news station and labeled it an adorable occurrence.

Yes, the puppies were adorable, but a pregnant dog should not be traveling that close to her due date. Dogs show lots of signs that their about to give birth, but the owner claimed the excitement of meeting new people at the airport put her into labor.

You can research more about the video on your own, but what a wonderful opportunity to educate about the difference between Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs.

Therapy dogs differ from Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs in that they work with a handler to provide affection and comfort to members of the public. Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs need special permission to enter public places.

Many shelters and organizations have Therapy Dog Programs that you can join.

Service Dogs are trained dogs that help their disabled owner with a specific task.

Emotional Support Dogs provide emotional support to their owner, but do not qualify as a service dog. Contact your healthcare provider for the appropriate letter, not an online service.

The photos below are of Lily, a therapy Dog. She recently had an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot and made modeling look very easy.