We met Maizey during our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Pit Sisters, hosted by Hotel Indigo, in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Maizey gave us her best smile as we took full body photos of her. We’ll use her photos to create life-size cut outs and place them at local businesses to help promote pet adoption. 

She’s an amazing Pit Bull Ambassador

Maizy was one of 31 dogs seized from a dog fighting ring in Ontario, Canada. When the dogs were initially evaluated, they were deemed a “menace to society”. Ontario sadly has a breed ban on pit bull type dogs.

After a large publicity campaign, the dogs went under a second evaluation and showed major improvements.

The dogs were seized back in 2015 and after 2 years of legal battles, they were sent to Florida. 10 of which were taken in by Pit Sisters

Maizey’s story doesn’t end there. She’s also a graduate of the TAILS program, in which local inmates train pit bulls and prepare them for adoption.

If you’re interested in adopting Maizey, she’d do best in a home without other pets. You can contact Pit Sisters for more information. 

The Shelter Pet Cut Out Project is also looking for businesses to place cut outs in too.