Which type of Pet Photo Shoot is Better for Your Pup

Not all dogs do well in public so we started offer In-Home Pet Photo Shoots.

In-home Pet Photo Shoots are ideal for families with either, multiple dogs, cats or dogs who are more comfortable in their own home.

Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers

We host over 100 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers a year, all over the country. Most of the events are held in noisy breweries and can be overwhelming to certain dogs.

  • Each session is only 10 minutes
  • Can be overwhelming for dogs
  • You bring your pup(s) to the event
  • Shots are taken from the chest up
  • Benefits an animal welfare organization
  • Doesn’t include any digital photos or prints


  • The sitting fee is $50
  • $35 from each spot is donated to the benefiting organization
  • Digital edited photos are $20 (if purchased in advance) and there is a minimum order of 3. Digital edited photos are $25 if purchased after the event.

You can see a behind the scenes video from a recent Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser in San Diego on our new YouTube channel.

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In-Home Pet Photo Shoots

We are also available for In-Home Pet Photo Shoots.

  • We bring the studio to your home
  • In-Home Pet Photo Shoots last about 90 minutes including setup and breakdown
  • Includes 10 digital edited photos
  • Includes $100 credit towards prints
  • Pets are more relaxed in their own environment
  • Convenient for families with multiple dogs or cats
  • Full body photos are taken in addition to photos from the chest up
  • Outdoor Pet Photo Shoots are offered as well
  • Includes 2 pets
  • Can be split with 1 other household

You can see a behind the scenes video from a recent In-Home Pet Photo Shoot on our new YouTube channel.


  • The sitting fee is $500, which includes 2 pets
  • Additional pets are $100 each

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