This past Mother’s Day weekend, the Humane Society of Broward County hosted one of their Pit Stops at Funky Buddha Brewery. I was visiting my family in Ft. Lauderdale and stopped by the event to take photos for my Pit Bull Picture Project. They didn’t have Pit Stops up and running yet when I worked for the shelter, but I LOVE the idea. Perhaps we can get some of these going here in Tampa too!

The Humane Society of Broward County started “The Pit Stop” in order to educate their community and raise awareness of misunderstood bully breeds in hopes to have them viewed in a more positive light.

These free and low-cost events will take place throughout Broward County and will be dog-friendly… most often featuring some of our own adoptable shelter dogs!

Dolly’s Dream provides funding for Pit Stops. The Dolly’s Dream Project was created in 2015 to help dispel the myths of bully breed dogs. Sadly American Staffordshire terriers, American bulldogs, bull terriers, and mixes of these breeds are prevalent in shelters across the country.

To reduce the number of these dogs being born and entering shelters, the Dolly’s Dream project offers free spay or neuter for bully breeds residing in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Since the program began in 2015, 328 dogs have been sterilized at the HSBC.

Dolly’s Dream has expanded and now they are underwriting the adoption fee of select bully breed dogs. In addition to underwriting the fee, they will cover the costs for the basic items that the dog will need to succeed in their new home.




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