Forever21, a popular clothing brand recently posted a “pit bull” graphic hoodie to their online store. The sweater depicts a pit bull type dog with chains around its neck and barbed wire on the sleeves. The product has since been taken down, but there are reports that they’re still for sale in stores.



It’s sad that no one at Forever 21 thought this was a bad idea, but we’d like to take this opportunity to talk about dogs and chains.

Different counties have different ordinances when it comes to tethering or chaining your dog outside. In Pinellas County, you can’t tether a dog outside unless the owner is present and the same goes for Hillsborough County.

Excessive tethering can be seen as inhumane and although Forever 21 missed the mark on this product, we’re eager to see how they handle this misstep.

We’ll update this story once Forever 21 responds to the deserved public outcry.

Update – 12/4 – 12 PM

Since Forever 21 hasn’t released a statement yet, we’ve decide to release our own hoodie. 100% of the proceeds from “Forever a Pit Bull Advocate” hoodie will be split amongst two pit bull related charities.

Update 12/4 1 pm: The item IS still listed on the Forever 21 website, but under a different URL. We also got to see the images of the back, which disturbs us even more.