The team at The Good Stuffing Company solved a problem that every dog owner has. 

Dogs love to destroy plush toys and as dog owners, it can be frustrating to buy these because it could be money down the drain. You also don’t want your dog consuming whatever the “plush” is.

The Good Stuffing Company came up with  Safefill™ Stuffing, which is plant based and will dissolve in saliva. If your dog destroys this plush toy, it won’t harm them. The poly-fill stuffing could be a choking hazard and could cause a trip to the vet.

The Good Stuffing Company came to us for commercial photos of dogs playing with their Safefill™ Stuffing filled toys as well as poly-filled toys, in a studio setting for their website and social media.

This is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.


Their toys are available exclusively at Petco. Special thanks to Clark, Spartacus and Cody for helping us with the shoot.