Tampa pet parents, Stephanie and Justin LOVE dogs, so much so that they foster dogs for local rescue organizations too.

When they saw our Second Shot Adoption Photo Program, they knew they had to have a Pet Photo Experience for their two new dogs, Teddy and Suki.

Stephanie lost her soul dog, Tony, before they could have a Pet Photo Shoot Experience and she didn’t want to miss that opportunity again.

During our Discovery Call, to plan their Experience, Stephanie asked if she could include a blanket that had Tony’s face on it, so he could be represented too.

Every Pet Photo Shoot Experience we offer is meant to capture the connection and love you have with your pets and remind you of that, every single day.

Our pets age faster than we’d like and our time with them is never long enough. They won’t be around forever.  They love us unconditionally and somehow know how to read our souls, make us smile when we’re feeling down and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. 

Stephenie and Justin feel that way about Teddy and Suki and wanted Artwork behind their couch to remind them of that unconditional love.

Stephanie’s Review About Her Pet Photo Shoot Experience


We had a photo shoot with A Gold Photo Pet Studio, and it was an amazing experience from start to finish.

Firstly, Adam and Mary take the time to know their clients, listen to their stories, and it is evident that they truly care about you and your furry family members!
When we arrived at the studio with our 2 pups…I was nervous…what if they didn’t listen? What if they were too excited? What if their personalities didn’t show up? What if they didn’t have fun?

All of my fears were immediately squashed…they gave Teddy and Suki time to get acclimated (and me, too)

This photo shoot gave us time to bond with our pups…and it was pretty awesome to see their personalities through others’ eyes and the camera lens.

There were tooooo many favorites of the day…their sassy poses, their kisses, snuggles, and looks for reassurance, watching the dogs have fun with Adam, Mary, and Cami, watching Justin pose…but THE SHOWSTOPPER is definitely Adam and his litany of sounds and noises he makes to engage the animals!

If you don’t book a shoot for the bonding time or the memories…book the shoot for Adam’s “caterwauling”…it is beyond entertaining!

The staff not only made us feel relaxed, but I felt like a VIP! We were the only family in the studio and their photo presentation after the shoot…was beyond what I could have imagined.

The pièce de résistance…the photographs and artwork…MASTERPIECES!! Beautifully showcased in our family room; our photographs are not just pet portraits, they represent a moment in time with our two rescue dogs, and serve as a tribute to our sweet Tony that we miss every day. Thank you, Adam and Mary for a truly unique and special experience.

Stephanie and Justin’s Artwork on Display In Their Home

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A Discovery Call is the most important part of your Pet Photo Shoot Experience.

On the call, we’ll get to know you and find out the impact your pet(s) have made on your everyday life. We’ll help you discover the meaning behind what matters most and that’s how we’re able to create meaningful photographs.

We’ll also plan a separate Discovery Call with anyone else who will be part of the experience.