A friend tagged me in a Facebook post on the USA Today Facebook page and the headline read, “Video Shows Pit Bull Maul Texas Boy in Unprovoked Attack”. Now I always hate to see dog attacks, pit bull or not, but after reading the article and watching the video, there are two parties at fault here and it’s not who you think.

It’s clearly not the boys fault, he was just returning the scooter he was riding. It’s not the dog’s fault either. It’s the owners’!

Why was the dog outside in the first place? I also blame the headline writer. The headline is clearly meant to drive attention, but if you watch the video below, I wouldn’t consider that boy mauled. He was bitten a few times and granted, needing surgery, but when I think of mauled, I think of something much more severe.¬†Kudos to the mother of the boy too noting she did not believe the breed was to blame.

The owners of the dog have yet to speak to the boy who was attacked and have since given the dog to Austin Animal Services for a quarantine period. I would hate for this dog to be put down because of a negligent owner. I am also very happy that the boy wasn’t hurt more seriously.

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