According to the ASPCA, 7.6 Million companion animals enter shelters every year. Of those 13,000, some are put into foster programs, which are aimed at helping animals, who wouldn’t do well in a shelter atmosphere, find their forever home. When I worked for a local animal shelter, our foster program utilized volunteers to care for animals that needed personal attention and additional help finding a family to adopt them.

Foster parents are typically asked to promote their foster pets online through social media. Social Media sharing of foster pets allows foster parents to reach the friends of their friends and their friends and so on. One of the challenges of foster pet social media promotion is the quality of the photos.

Shelters will rely on the foster parent to provide photos of the pet for the shelter’s website and most volunteers use their cell phones. It takes a little practice, but once you master these tips, you’re already increasing their chances of finding their forever home.

A quality photo could make all the difference

The following photos are sourced from Instagram and are used to show examples. These are not photos taken by AGoldPhoto.

1. Get on their level

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