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Office Pet Photo Shoot

Office Pet Photo Shoot
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Is Your Office Pet Friendly? Book an AGoldPhoto Office Pet Photo Shoot

An AGoldPhoto Pet Photography Office Pet Photo Shoot is a fantastic perk for your employees. We bring our studio to your office and pets are treated to their own professional photo shoot. We only take photos of pets and we travel all over the country raising money for animal shelters and charities.

How an Office Pet Photo Shoot works

  • Each AGoldPhoto Pet Photo Shoot is 10 minutes
  • Each pet needs their own spot
  • Pet owners get 3 digital edited photos included
  • Physical prints can be ordered as well
  • To setup our Pet Photography Studio, we need an indoor space, at least 10 ft by 10 ft and two power outlets
  • We’re setup a unique page on your website where you employees can sign up, making scheduling simple and easy


The cost per pet will depend on the number of office pets you have. Our minimum is $1500 and that includes 18 pets. Price breaks will be offered for 10 or more pets. Additional travel fees may apply.


  • Can cats participate? Yes! We take photos of cats too
  • Where are you located? We’re based in Tampa, Florida but travel all over the country
  • Can employees be in the photos. Sorry, but these events are just for the pets. Keep an eye-out for special Pets + People Sessions
  • Can these photos be used commercially or in photo contests? Not without special permission from AGoldPhoto Pet Photography
  • What if my dog isn’t cooperative? We never want to force a dog to have their photo taken. If you think your dog will be nervous or scared, please consider a private In-Home Pet Shoot or an Outdoor Wide Angle Pet Photo Shoot instead.

Book an Office Pet Photo Shoot

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About AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

Adam from AGoldPhoto uses photography to tell stories of adoption, rescue and highlight various animal welfare issues. The goal of the photos is to bring traffic to his website, but once you are there, you’ll learn something too. His unique approach to working with animals allows him to showcase the pet’s personality in ways most people haven’t seen. Adam occasionally volunteers at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to take photos of adoptable animals as well.

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