Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Longmont Humane Society | AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Longmont Humane Society

Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Longmont Humane Society


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AGoldPhoto Pet Photography and Wibby Brewing are hosting a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Longmont Humane Society.

Date: Wednesday, October 23
Time: 6 – 8 PM
Location: Wibby Brewing Company
209 Emery St,
Longmont, CO 80501

The Details 


  • The sitting fee for each pet is $60. $40 of that is donated to the shelter. 
  • Each spot requires a photo package purchase, which starts at $60. The minimum to participate for each dog is $120. 
  • You can pre-purchase an photo package for a discount upon registration below
  • You can also post-purchase a photo package once the proofs are available at full price

After the photo shoot

  • Within 3 weeks of the photo shoot, you’ll receive an online gallery with proofs from the shoot to choose from
  • Once you select the photos of your pet(s), we’ll edit those which could take up to 3 weeks
  • Physical print orders are placed after your pet’s digital photos are edited
  • If you just can’t get enough of your pup, a la carte digital photos and prints will also be available

Photo Packages

*An “Add-On” Package purchase is required. Prices below are in addition to the $60 sitting fee, but don’t forget, $40 of that is donated to the shelter. Physical prints can be ordered once the photos you select are edited. A La Carte Digital Edited Photos will also be available once you have purchased package 1 or 2.

// Package 1 // 

  • (3) Digital Photos
  • Physical prints not included
  • Pre-paid upon registration | $60
  • Post-paid once the proofs are ready | $75

// Package 2 //

  • (5) Digital Photos
  • Physical prints not included
  • Pre-paid upon registration | $90
  • Post-paid once the proofs are ready | $125


  • Is pre-registration required? Yes, spots must be booked in advance
  • Can I be in the photo with my pet? Sorry, these events are just for the pets. Keep an eye-out for special Pets + People Sessions
  • Can my cat come? Cats don’t usually do well at events. We suggest an in-home photo shoot instead
  • Is the sitting fee and/or Photo Package refundable if I can’t make it? Yes, if you let us know at least 48 hours in advance
  • Can these photos be used commercially or in photo contests? Not without special permission from AGoldPhoto Pet Photography
  • What if I have multiple dogs? Each dog requires their own spot, but we can use the time allotted for both spots to take photos together and separately. We can also edit photos of your dogs together if necessary. Each dogs requires their own sitting fee and “Add On” package purchase as well.
  • What if my dog isn’t cooperative? We never want to force a dog to have their photo taken. If you think your dog will be nervous or scared, please consider a private In-Home Pet Shoot or an Outdoor Wide Angle Pet Photo Shoot instead.

About AGoldPhoto

Adam from AGoldPhoto uses photography to tell stories of adoption, shelter and highlight various animal welfare issues. The goal of the photos is to bring traffic to his website, but once you are there, you’ll learn something too. His unique approach to working with animals allows him to showcase the pet’s personality in ways most people haven’t seen. Adam occasionally volunteers at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to take photos of adoptable animals as well.

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